eLearning Overview

Entelechy has a robust library of eLearnings, which can be used in conjunction with our proven leadership development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential, or on their own as part of your organization's unique learning journey. Either way, our eLearnings create a robust, multi-modal learning
experience and ensures that participants have the competence AND confidence to apply what they learned, making the leadership training STICK!

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eLearning Course Descriptions

Our eLearnings cover critical leadership skills like coaching, delegating effectively, and motivating performance. Please see below for a full course list with descriptions.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential: The Basics

Time: 45 minutes

Want to increase your effectiveness as a leader? Focus on these four skills that effective leaders must master:

  1. Performance management
  2. Feedback
  3. Difficult conversations
  4. Coaching

You will learn specific tools to help you master these skills and become an even more effective leader. You will learn to analyze an employee's performance and determine the most effective way to improve that performance. You will explore the importance of feedback and examine a simple difficult conversation model, which can be used to bring unacceptable performance or behavior to acceptable performance or behavior. In addition, you will be introduced to a simple and effective coaching model that will help turn good performers into great, engaged performers.

Skill Reinforcer: Delivering Powerful Feedback

Time: 30 minutes

Is the feedback you provide powerful and effective? Is it received openly and viewed as a powerful performance support tool? Are you seeing the results you had hoped for? Using CAIR to provide feedback encourages and enables employees to change. In this eLearning, you will review Entelechy's Feedback Model. Then you will apply Entelechy's Feedback Model using CAIR in specific scenarios that will provide YOU with feedback on your skill in delivering powerful feedback.

Skill Reinforcer: Coaching

Time: 20-30 minutes

You may have SEEN Entelechy's Coaching Conversation Model in the face-to-face training. You may KNOW Entelechy's Coaching Conversation Model. But can you USE Entelechy's Coaching Conversation Model to its full potential? In this eLearning you will help Brianna, a leader new to using Entelechy's Coaching Conversation Model. You will have the opportunity to help her select the best responses during a coaching session she is having with her employee, Mike. This eLearning provides you with valuable practice applying Entelechy's Coaching Conversation Model.

Skill Reinforcer: Leading Difficult Conversations

Time: 45 minutes

Why do so many managers avoid having difficult conversations with their employees? Probably because they were never given a tool that made difficult conversations easier. In this eLearning, you will review Entelechy's Difficult Conversation Model and how the model ensures successful results when dealing with employees who exhibit unacceptable behavior or performance. You will have the opportunity to use Entelechy's Difficult Conversation Model with a scenario that unfolds based on the responses you select. You can discover likely outcomes when you follow the model — AND when you don’t. Use the practice scenarios to build your competence AND confidence.

Skill Enhancer: Delegating Effectively

Time: 30-45 minutes

Don’t just delegate — delegate AND develop your people. Too many leaders view delegation as a way to lessen their own workload, period. Effective leaders know how to use delegation to develop the competence and confidence of their employees. In this eLearning, you will discover how to use delegation to develop your people by utilizing Entelechy's Levels of Delegation Model. The benefits of delegation will motivate you to put this model into practice with your team today.

Skill Enhancer: Motivating Performance

Time: 30-45 minutes

Are you doing everything you can to motivate your employees? There is a direct correlation between motivation and recognition, and high performance. This eLearning will introduce some fresh approaches to motivate your people. You will learn how to use recognition to ignite your employees’ inner drive. Learn techniques that will help you recognize and motivate ALL employees based on their tangible and intangible contributions, their growth, their effort, and even their potential. This eLearning will help you build a culture of recognition where trust and growth flourish.

FAQ: What's the difference between reinforcer and enhancer eLearnings?

Skill reinforcer and enhancer eLearnings are both an important part of Entelechy's Unleash Your Leadership Potential program. Skill reinforcer eLearnings are used to reinforce feedback, coaching, and leading difficult conversation skills in a scenario-based format. Skill enhancer eLearnings add additional leadership skills to a leader's toolkit.

There are two types of eLearnings used in the program:

  1. Skill Reinforcer: Used to reinforce a concept that was presented during Unleash Your Leadership Potential. The learner should view the introductory eLearning, Unleash Your Leadership Potential: The Basics, first before viewing a specific skill reinforcer eLearning.
  2. Skill Enhancer: Used to teach and practice a new management/leadership skill, namely delegating effectively and motivating performance. The learner can view the skill enhancer eLearnings at any point in their leadership journey.