Entelechy is an authorized Everything DiSC partner, capable of providing your team with the entire Everything DiSC suite of products. Entelechy specializes in bringing Everything DiSC solutions to life via our highly engaging, expertly facilitated virtual workshop offerings:

Virtual Workshops: Three 2.5-hour virtual workshops designed to help employees and leaders to work more effectively, collaboratively, and innovatively with each other. Entelechy's Everything DiSC virtual workshops are available for the following Everything DiSC products:

Agility in the Workplace: One 3-hour workshop created to fully prepare today’s employees for tomorrow’s challenges, empowering them with actionable strategies to become more agile while navigating complex and evolving work environments. Agility in the Workplace features the following product:

Entelechy handles all administrative tasks associated with Everything DiSC, including assessment distribution and expert workshop facilitation on the Adobe Connect platform.

Complete the form to the right and a member of our Everything DiSC team will contact you to discuss your needs in greater detail.