Case Study Overview

As a global leader in the utilities industry, the company’s core business is distributing energy to homes and businesses while supporting local economic growth and global sustainability.

With the utilities industry facing major transformation — digitalization and new technologies are disrupting industry norms, and climate change is inducing companies to decarbonize energy networks — leaders must develop big picture solutions to emerging challenges unlike any this industry has seen before.

Since the majority of the company’s executive leadership team knew only a stable, unchanging past, they needed fresh skills in embracing and enabling much-needed change if they were to lead the industry. And they needed these skills now. However, with leaders’ schedules, time zone differences, and global locations, traditional training approaches wouldn’t work.

Entelechy, in partnership with the organization, created a social learning experience to instill critical leadership topics and skills in the organization’s most senior leaders, effectively creating a cohesive leadership culture across the business.

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