White Paper Abstract

Delegation is one of leadership’s most underutilized tools for two main reasons:

  1. Some leaders wrongly think that delegation is “to get stuff off my plate” or “to free me up.” Great leaders see delegation as opportunities to grow and develop people, to stretch them and expose them to increased responsibilities.
  2. Some leaders see delegation as an “all or nothing” proposition: assign a task or responsibility and hope it all works out. Great leaders see delegation with a range of variables — variables that determine WHO should be assigned WHAT and HOW the leader will enable their success.

Great leaders ask themselves: “How can I use this opportunity to grow, challenge, or develop one of my team members?” Great leaders know that 70% of an employee’s development happens on the job … and they deliberately seek those opportunities and delegate them effectively.

In this white paper, we will examine

  • What delegation is — or SHOULD be — and what it is not.
  • The hidden challenges of effective delegation.
  • The distinct Levels of Delegation.
  • Delegation dos and don’ts.
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