White Paper Abstract

Go beyond employee engagement and truly empower your employees. Great leaders enable the performance of their employees and they do it by helping employees align themselves and their work with the goals of the organization.

As Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte fame, researcher, and industry expert, states, “I would suggest that using the word ‘engagement’ often limits our thinking. It assumes that our job is to reach out and ‘engage’ people, rather than to build an organization that is exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, and fun.”

If you want to enable performance, be the leader and provide the opportunities, support, and encouragement people need to succeed.

In this white paper, we will explore

  • Entelechy's Analyzing Performance Model, which illustrates the two main things people need to perform.
  • The tangible benefits that come from aligning your employee's individual goals and objectives with the organization's desired business results.
  • Eight ways to enable your employee's performance TODAY.
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